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NEW! Sexuality Policy Watch presents the final outcomes of the  regional Dialogues in Asia, Latin America and Africa and of one inter-regional meeting that took place  between 2009 and 2011 to critically reflect on Sexuality and (Geo) Politics. These rich and diverse exercises are now compiled in a two-volume publication in e-book format edited by Sonia Corrêa, Rafael de la Dehesa and Richard Parker.  Click in the banner below to access the publication!


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NEW! SPW recommends Aziza Ahmed's article - published on Columbia Journal of Gender and law - "Rugged vaginas” and “vulnerable rectums”: the sexual identity, epidemiology, and law of the global hiv epidemic, in which the author reflects on "our reliance on identity politics in building movements to respond to the HIV epidemic". Read it here.
Center for Reproductive Rights has launched The World Abortion Laws Map 2014,  in commemoration of the 20-year anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action. Click here to download.

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Our publications

capa1As SPW presents the final publications of the Regional Dialogues on Sexuality and (Geo) Politics, we also recommend as an additional reading (in Spanish and Portuguese) the e-book Sexualidade e Política na América Latina: Histórias, interseções e paradoxos that compiles the debates of the Latin American Regional Dialogue that took place in Rio de Janeiro (August, 2009).linha1

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NEW! The meeting report for the Orientations and Identities: Sexuality and Human Rights on the Global Stage Conference, that took place in May, Los Angeles, has come out. Click here to read it.
Read International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization 2014 statement and the demands it brings.
The new issue of SUR - International Journal on Human Rights celebrates its 10th anniversary with 55 articles on the challenges and sucesses of the human rights movementClick here to read the issue. The edition comes at the same time when Sexual Rights Iniative examines the North-South divide that stirs global forums, especially in themes related to human rights.

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NEW! World Association for Sexual Health has published the Declaration of Sexual Rights, in which reaffirms that sexual rights must be respected, protected and fulfilled.
In an excellent interview, Dawn Cavanagh, coordinator of CAL, analyzes the politics and potential effects of the HRC September Resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.
Read it here.

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NEW! LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government is seeking commentaries, research, reviews, art, and other content on a diverse array of policies that affect LGBTQ people and communities for its fifth volume. Application Deadline: October 31, 2014. Learn more.
The X IASSCS Conference, hosted at Dublin City University, Ireland, proposes to investigate the politics, nature, roles and effects of sexual (and gender) literacy in the cultural, fictional, real and virtual worlds. Deadline for submission of abstract proposals: 10th November 2014. Learn more.

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