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NEW! Sexuality Policy Watch presents the final outcomes of the  regional Dialogues in Asia, Latin America and Africa and of one inter-regional meeting that took place  between 2009 and 2011 to critically reflect on Sexuality and (Geo) Politics. These rich and diverse exercises are now compiled in a two-volume publication in e-book format edited by Sonia Corrêa, Rafael de la Dehesa and Richard Parker.  Click in the banner below to access the publication!


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NEW! The English version of Federation for Women and Family Planning (Poland) report summarizing 20 years of Poland's strict anti-abortion law is now available.
Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) released its latest publication, Dossier 32-33: Sexualities, Culture and Society in Muslim Contexts, available in paperback hard copy and as a free electronic version on the WLUML website.

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Our publications

capa1As SPW presents the final publications of the Regional Dialogues on Sexuality and (Geo) Politics, we also recommend as an additional reading (in Spanish and Portuguese) the e-book Sexualidade e Política na América Latina: Histórias, interseções e paradoxos that compiles the debates of the Latin American Regional Dialogue that took place in Rio de Janeiro (August, 2009).linha1

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NEW! The World Health Organization has published its proposals on trans health in the ICD-11 Beta Draft. For the first time in history it includes trans issues in a separate chapter to the chapter on 'Mental and behavioural disorders’. Learn more.
Read more about the case of a pregnant, suicidal rape victim, living in Ireland, who had denied the right to abortion.
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Sexual and Reproductive Justice Resource Center provides various country and regional specific resources related to Sexual and Reproductive Justice, developed by its members, partners and allies. Click here to contribute with the project.

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NEW! Writing for The New York Times, Pakistani author Bina Shah reflects on the challenges of the Asian country feminist movement as well as the landscape of women's right in a context of extremist religious visions. Click here.
Read Reality Check's article that underlines the reasons why decriminalizing sex work is critical to public health. Click here.

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NEW! The X IASSCS Conference will investigate the politics, nature, roles and effects of sexual (and gender) literacy in the cultural, fictional, real and virtual worlds. Deadline for abstract proposals: 27th October 2014.
Troubling Prostitution: exploring intersections of sex, intimacy and labour Conference is calling for papers until 1st October 2014. Learn more.
Check about International Call for Application to Master of Public Health (MPH/Institute of Global Health at BRAC University) for the academic year 2015-16. Deadline: October 20.

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