Sexuality and political change

A new training program

Sexuality Policy Watch will be hosting in 2013 a training program focusing on sexuality research. The program differs from other non-academic capacity-building models in this area, as it will not focus strictly on sexuality theory and research per se, but rather aims at exploring the various linkages and gaps that exist between sexuality theorizing and research in sexuality and social and policy change. The program is designed to examine how theory, research and policy can be connected most effectively in order to contribute to meaningful social change.

The content areas covered by course under the general heading of sexuality and sexual rights will potentially encompass a broad range of topics such as: HIV/AIDS, LGBT rights, laws and policies affecting transgender persons, abortion and contraception, sexuality education, and sex work. The course will examine challenges experienced in connecting theory and practice and translating research into change. It will explore exemplary cases of both successful and failed attempts to bring about social and policy change, and will provide the opportunity for people engaged in policy formation to share their experiences with respect to how sexuality research is or is not used in the front lines of struggles for human rights and social justice in relation to sexuality issues.

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