General Orientations

Sexuality Research and Change: Content and Methods

The SPW training will be devoted to mapping and discussing the challenges of translating sexuality research into social, legal and policy change. The course will explore conceptual frames in relation to both theories of change and theories of sexuality. But it will also critically examine how in the lived worlds of sexual politics and its theoretical frames, research methods and findings feed into processes of change.

This examination will be developed through a range of different methodologies. Resource persons engaged at the frontlines of legal, institutional and social change will share their views as well as positive and negative experiences they have had in absorbing and using theoretical frames and research findings in their work.

This examination will also be done through the critical assessment of exemplary cases in which it is possible to track the imprints of theory and research in social, cultural and political change – but also of cases and circumstances in which, in spite of major investments in research, “positive” change has not occurred. The training team will bring cases for discussion, but selected participants will also be requested to prepare their own cases to be shared and debated. The training is designed to prioritize as much as possible horizontal exchanges amongst participants, as well as amongst participants and resource persons, before, during and after the training. This will be done through a specific website platform created for that purpose.

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Sxpolitics a FW2